Marite Aleksandra Silava

Fintech Community Manager
Baltics & Sweden
Several years ago, Mārīte decided to take her 10+ years of award-winning communication expertise and shift it towards the benefit of the entire Baltic startup ecosystem. She has since dedicated her full attention to building relationships between corporates and the startup world. From beginning to the 2nd accelerator batch today, Mārīte has led the collaboration process of creating the very first fintech accelerator in the Baltic countries including a banking partner. She happily devotes much of her time to mentor the startup companies as well – her entrepreneurial background helps her relate to startups on a deeper level, understand their main pain points and help fix them. Mārīte led the development of DoBe, a co-creation office space in the HQ of Swedbank, which hosts promising startup and ecosystem players and organizes monthly events around fintech and banking trends. As the main driver of communication activities on Swedbank’s Open Banking platform, she is closely working with an audience composed of fintech professionals and developers, who are eager to connect to the bank’s 7 million customers across four home markets in the Baltics and Sweden.


Feb 21, 2019