Renowned global speakers from Silicon Valley and Europe’s biggest tech metropoles will share their experiences, stories and knowledge of entrepreneurship. TechChill is the place to find that one hire who will bring your company forward, a trove of valuable international partnerships or a great gift of inspiration and knowledge for your employees and clients.


Stay on top of the latest developments in global innovation, technology and the startup world. TechChill is the one place in the Baltics you’ll hear great speakers with practical case studies you can learn from, lessons from experience, and an opportunity to be in the know of all the fresh ideas and products coming from the world of entrepreneurship in tech. All the 100+ speakers and their stories are hand-picked to bring the most value and knowledge to the attendees.



Networking is not just for startups – TechChill is a great place to make meaningful connections from across the globe, whether they’re new clients or friends. If you want to make the most of the event, do your research early on and check out some of the people you’d like to meet. We’ll share access to the event app weeks before the event, so you can see who’s coming and invite them for a chat – or rather, buy them a beer at the afterparty. That’s how the best deals happen.


As an active participant of the startup scene, we’re all too well aware of the seemingly ever-present issue of IT companies looking for the right employees and vice-versa. That’s why this year, TechChill will organise a Job Fair – a separate area where companies will be able to represent themselves and attract the talent that they need. Global and regional IT professionals will have the chance to scout prospective deals and lucrative offers. The job fair’s motto is ‘win-win-win’ for a reason.

Details and application deadlines will be announced soon, if you have questions in the meanwhile, please contact