Future Founders Playground: bring your kids to work (and play!)

Photo credit: Learn IT

Family values are at the core of TechChill. That’s why this year, we’re introducing the Future Founders Playground – a place where our future talents can express themselves!

The playground is powered by LMT and organized by the Learn IT coding workshop team.

At TechChill, we want to make sure being a part of the tech and startup family doesn’t mean leaving your kids at home. Rather, we want to see more kids and more parents and offer both the opportunity to experience everything TechChill has to offer. Since the TechChill agenda this year will focus on startup superheroes and the future of tech and entrepreneurship, we want to include the real present and future heroes – the future founders and their parents.

All children ages 0-12 are welcome, as long as they are accompanied by an adult with a valid TechChill pass. All activities are child-friendly, taking place in an accessible venue, equipped with baby changing rooms.

Also, there will be a dedicated kids room called Future Founders Playground with activities for kids of all ages. Why not give the real guys and gals a shot – the future innovators and provide them with a hands-on experience on the topics and tools that actually interest them. There will be a variety of workshops geared towards certain age groups to make it more enjoyable and challenging for the kids participating. However, the usual low key activities like drawing, Legos, and crafts will also be available for those future co-founders in need to exhaust their imagination and interactive games for the more active strategist types.  An addition to this GiGi blocks will provide all the materials to see through the proper development phase of building real-life transports, housing or whatever the innovators feel like is lacking in this world. The blocks are made from the carton so very fortunately, any mistakes made during the process will be redeemable.

For new parents with teeny tiny people (0-2 years) not yet able to wiggle around the room, there will be a special comfy corner where their moms and dads can hang around without being disturbed at our super extra eco house-plant area. It will be a great fit if you need a discreet corner sofa for a breastfeeding break, a comfy carpet for that crawling time, and some water and coffee available for parents.

For the rising stars at pre-school age (3-6 years) there will be workshops teaching about binary code, the structure of computers and the future artists will also get a chance to learn how to become the light show masters using only led lights and batteries.

For the school-aged children 1st grade and up (7-12 years) there will be workshops throughout both days involving crafts and electronics, intro to programming basics with both block and text programming, and the key things about game development.

After all that tiresome networking and engaging at the end of each day everyone will have the chance to participate in trying out their storytelling and artistic skills on a LARGE canvas where all the sketches will be made live using electric paint, electric tape and small electronics components(of course we will make sure that all of this is safe for kids).

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