Kristine Kornilova to step in as the new TechChill CEO

Kristine Kornilova, CEO at TechChill

Kristine Kornilova will take on the role of CEO of TechChill Foundation. Kristine is a long-time team member, who until now filled the role of COO. The former CEO Marija Rucevska will stay on the team as a Member of the Board.

TechChill team will continue working on several projects aimed at supporting startup ecosystem initiatives and helping Baltic founders succeed. “The global network of TechChill is both an asset and an opportunity for Baltic founders. we are excited to work on several new initiatives. We have built a strong foundation, but there is much more we can do on the ground to help founders make that next step forward, connect them with the right people, and bring more opportunities for the younger generation to gain global perspective and hands-on experience within the startup industry,” explains Kristine Kornilova, the CEO of TechChill.

Kristine has been a part of the TechChill core team for more than 3 years as the Chief Operations Officer and has an extensive background working with startups. She has been coordinating the exchange programme for entrepreneurs “Startupreneurs”, working as the project manager at TechHub Riga and as the programme manager at StartupWiseGuys, the leading B2B startup accelerator in Europe, operating in Tallinn and Riga.

Marija Rucevska, the Co-founder and former CEO of TechChill, will stay on as a Member of the Board at TechChill Foundation, alongside the Co-founders of TechHub Riga Andris K. Berzins, Managing Partner at Change Ventures and Ernests Stals, Founder and CEO at, as well as Liva Perkone, the CEO of Ethos and a Member of the Board of the Latvian Startup Association.

The TechChill startup event started back in 2011, at the same time as TechHub Riga, the very first by the Latvian startup community was founded. The goal was for like-minded people from the community to gather, have a reason to bring over foreign investors, and inspire local founders with the experience of experts and successful entrepreneurs.

Due to the startup environment developing quite rapidly, and the growing interest from the investors and media, TechChill has grown and developed during the past few years under the leadership of previous CEO Marija Rucevska. From what started as a local meetup, this year TechChill gathered almost 2000 attendees and brought Latvia international recognition. To contribute to the development of the Latvian startup ecosystem, as well as its representation globally, an independent non-profit organisation TechChill Foundation was established in 2017, with TechHub Riga founders as members of the board. For the past year, the Foundation has actively initiated cooperation with partner organisations, community events, investors and media all over the world, organised startup delegations and smaller events, as well as guest lectures in universities.

The next TechChill event will be held on February 21-22, 2019 in VEF Culture Palace, organised by the TechChill Foundation. It will be the eighth consecutive year for the event, and in 2019 the conference is planning to gather around 2000 attendees and increase the number of international startups and investors.

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