Putting the focus on Training, Angel Investor Training.


Angel investors might be professionals such as doctors or lawyers, former business associates – or better yet, entrepreneurs interested in helping out the next generation. What matters is that they are willing to invest in your business in return for a piece of the action.


On January 17, just a little over a month before TechChill 2020, we hosted Angel Investor Training. Event that brought together Angel Investors in Latvia and other interested parties for an educational evening followed by successful networking.

Juha Ruohonen, Partner at Superhero Capital shared his insights on Angel Investing Approach. How, the first thing to realize is that angel investors expect you to be well prepared before approaching them. Are your finances in order? Do you have a good management team, and do you have a detailed business plan? He also touched ground on how significant passion, commitment, and integrity of the founders are.



Angel investing process is all about the relationship. It’s a more intimate relationship. Personalities matter a lot. “Investments are like marriage,” as Juha puts it, “It’s going to be a long time commitment. Chemistry is really important!” 


”The biggest surprise for me was the amount of startups who want to learn about the VC industry,” says Ernests Stals, Chairman of the Board at TechChill Foundation.


Up next was Andris K. Bērziņš, Managing Partner at Change Ventures. He shared his wisdom on VC perspective on angel backed startups and what is expected.

How, startups seeking financing often turn to venture capital firms because these firms can provide capital, strategic assistance, partners and much more. And how, at the same time venture capitalists make constant decisions about whether or not to invest in various startups. Majority of the time, the answer being no. 



Andris suggests that before approaching a venture capitalist, you should try to learn whether his or her focus aligns with your company and its stage of development. Startups should also understand that the venture process can be very time consuming.

“The most common challenge we see as a venture capital fund looking at angel-backed startups is messed up cap tables. These are the situations where the angels have taken such a high % of the business in return for their first investment that they make the long term fundraising prospects of the startup impossible. Angels should expect no more than 10-20% total for all the angel funding before venture funds enter the business. Any more and you are shooting yourself in the foot,” says Andris.



The evening continued with a panel discussion from a startup perspective in angel investing with Māris Daģis, Founder and CEO or Sellfy and Raimonds Kulbergs, ex-Funderful. 


Apart from bringing grand founders, investors & future leaders to the conference, TechChill 2020 will also host experienced and influential investors from the region. Are you eager to meet like-minded individuals driving the innovation? Connect, network and learn from the main tech & startup ecosystem movers and shakers!


Get your pass before the prices increase on Jan 27. See you at TechChill 2020!

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