Towards a more sustainable TechChill 2020

We at TechChill are aware that a conference of any size always affects the environment, due to the amount of people participating from all over the world, who will be traveling, eating and producing waste. This is why, this year at TechChill 2020 we are taking serious measures to lower the impact of the event on the environment and climate as much as possible.
Why not #zerowaste?

We’re all for reducing waste, and that lowering your impact and waste is an important part of living sustainably. However, we can’t adopt a zero waste/fully plastic-free lifestyle with the way things currently are. Focusing on “zero waste” means prioritising waste, but sustainability-wise we’re finding other things more important. Things like sustainable materials, quality/longevity, ethical manufacturing, low impact production, and supporting small, conscious businesses all come before waste for us. What keeps us motivated to live greener is knowing that we’re trying to work towards positive change, and that we’re learning, growing and improving.

With making TechChill 2020 more sustainable we don’t want to mislead anyone or set a wrong example, that is why TechChill is not #zerowaste.

Our Sustainability Policy

The first step towards becoming more environmentally friendly – our sustainability policy and guidelines we, our friends, supporters and partners intend to follow:

// when we produce something, we look for ways to make it environmentally friendly;
// in the case of the solution not being nature-friendly, we do our best to reuse the stuff we’ve produced;
// if we can’t reuse it – we collect and recycle it.

Some of our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint

// The venue Hanzas Perons, the hotels and most of the social events are located in the city center and you can walk between them all.

// In partnership with Carguru, transport for our international guests will be provided using Toyota hybrid’s – the official car of TechChill 2020.

// The food at the food court will come in biodegradable dishes, separate waste bins will be provided.

// Latvian tap water is of very high quality – RTU Design Factory water bar and Venden water stations will be available throughout the venue during the conference.

// A deposit system for reusable cups will be provided. It will allow you to rent a cup in exchange for a 2EUR deposit, enjoy a drink on the go, return the cup and retrieve your deposit.

// The venue will provide waste separation bins in the conference area and the waste from other bins will be sorted later on in partnership with Clean R.

// When it comes to decorations, we’re using existing resources and working on reinventing them.

// Printed materials will be kept to a minimum although they are inevitable. In partnership with Parrot, we’ve chosen ecological solutions for TechChill 2020 conference – recycled paper & cardboard for our badges and signs, ecological stickers that will dissolve.

// All TechChill 2020 attendees will be kindly asked to leave their badges and wristbands behind for recycling. All lanyards will also be collected and reused in the upcoming year.

// Single use plastic (items that are designed to be used once, then discarded e.g. plastic straws, plastic cutlery etc.) will not be used during any TechChill 2020 event, side-event and parties.

// Sponsors and exhibitors are actively sought to reflect positive environmental values and practices regarding TechChill 2020 sustainability policy, which means – there’s not going to be single-use plastic!

We acknowledge it’s quite a challenge to do this, when you’re catering, decorating and creating scenography for 2000+ people event. We also believe that every little thing matters.

We’re working hand-in-hand with top producers, scenographers and designers in Latvia, as well as companies that support the same values we do. We look through every option for sustainable event production, from attendee badges to deposit cups and eco swag.

When planning our activities at the event venue, we intend to collect and reuse most of everything we bring into it. When we’re not able to, we’ll make sure to recycle it.

Beyond our 2020 Sustainability Policy

The conference is working towards having a limited impact on the environment through careful consumption of energy and resources. Although hosting a sustainable event implies a lot of work, it’s absolutely worth the effort. This includes, among others, not producing unnecessary conference material and products, choosing environmentally-friendly and socially-friendly products, as well as providing healthy food and hosting meetings and social events in central locations. We believe that implementing environmentally-friendly practices can have a positive impact and generate sustainable solutions. 

“We don’t need a handful of people doing sustainable living perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.”

Some of the things you can do, as a visitor

// If you land at Riga International Airport, note that there are excellent bus shuttles from the airport to the city centre.

// In Riga we walk! The venue is located in the city center, most of the hotels and social venues are located by walking distance from each other – walk and explore the city, use the public transportations or city bikes. If you’re interested in taking a taxi, try ride sharing or Carguru.

// Come with your water bottle, coffee cup or thermos.  Latvian tap water is of very high quality, choose this instead of bottled water. Water bar and Venden water stations will be available throughout the venue. Bring your own bottles and fill them up!

// Please follow the waste separation instructions at the venue and at your accommodations when available.

If you have any questions or suggestions (or feedback after) to the sustainability work for the conference you are most welcome to contact us at

Please participate in an environmentally-friendly way!

How do we climate compensate?

TechChill 2020 team will climate compensate by planting trees in partnership with Latvijas Valsts Meži after the conference.

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