Winners of Fifty Founders Battle 2019 – what came after the victory?


Fifty Founders Battle has been a highlight of TechChill and 2020 will be no exception. The pitch competition has served as a platform for launching some of the biggest Baltic startups such as Edurio, SprayPrinter, Nordigen and Anatomy Next, and exits such as It’s a great opportunity to fix the attention of the audience of 2000 TechChill attendees while competing for a prize of 10 000 EUR and gaining direct access to international VC’s, business angels, accelerators and media.

The battle is on again and while the application process is coming to an end (January 13), let’s look back at what the winners of TechChill 2019 pitch battle are now up to. Here’s what has changed since Precision Navigation Systems, a startup team from Estonia that is developing software and hardware solutions for precise GPS positioning and navigation won the Fifty Founders battle in February 2019.


“Winning Fifty Founder Battle reinforced us a lot in credibility, awareness, and funding areas. We got appreciated by the startup community leaders, drastically increased our media coverage, attracted a lot of attention from investors. It’s not that easy to find investors from Eastern Europe unless you have stable revenue streams. Hence the prize helped us a lot to bootstrap our business further.” 

Shares last year’s winner Simon Litvinov, CEO and co-founder of Precision Navigation Systems. We are always excited to see the startups from Fifty Founders Battle expand and succeed, and knowing the victory played a role in their success, we hope, is inspiration and motivation boost to others. To get you all excited about TechChill 2020 pitch competition, here’s a look into the progress Precision Navigation Systems has made since TechChill 2019: 


// Precision Navigation Systems is now one of TOP-10 Startup Lighthouse startups;

// The Estonian startup took part in the national startup TV-show “Ajujaht” and became a semi-finalist;

//  Out of 4500+ applications worldwide, the winners of Fifty Founder Battle 2019 got into Hello Tomorrow Top 500 deep tech startups. And it doesn’t stop there, they got to the next round where the project was presented among the 80 Global Finalists in New Mobility track.

Precision Navigation Systems pilot project pipeline:

// Comodule (Estonia);

// Zubax OÜ (Estonia);

// Autonoomne robot OÜ (Lumebot from Estonia);

// PILOT Automotive Labs Inc. (the USA);

// Motor Ai UG (Germany).


// The startup developing software and hardware solutions for precise GPS positioning and navigation officially entered ESA BIC Estonia in February 2019, and now the team feels pretty confident about their status;

// And of course, the winners became the Startup Worldcup Regional Champion in Latvia.

At TechChill 2020, new teams will be competing for a chance to become the winner of the next Fifty Founders Battle
. You still have a chance to become one of the success stories – apply to compete in the Fifty Founders Battle 2020, applications close already on January 13


The prizes that come with the title:

// 10 000 EUR money prize – after-tax, no equity and no strings attached;

// Fast-track to Startup World Cup Finals in San Francisco, May 2020;

//  Latvian Business Angel Network (LatBAN) is providing a soft commitment of 100 000 EUR by a syndicate of LatBAN members to invest in one of the finalists of the Fifty Founders Battle;

// AWS credits and more!

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